Becoming a CSI agent might just be the right choice for you

In the recent couple of years, we have seen a sharp rise of interest towards the profession of crime scene investigation. This is mostly due to the recent flood of movies and TV shows that deal with this line of work. However, crime scene investigators have been doing their jobs long before the movies and TV shows came about. A Crime Scene Investigator, or a CSI agent is considered a vital component of the Criminal Justice system. The main objective of Crime Scene Investigators is to examine the crime scene, gather all available evidence and ultimately help in the process of crime solving. They commonly work within official law enforcement agencies and/or police departments that are tasked with securing the crime scenes and the collection of evidence. CSI agents are also referred to as evidence technicians, forensic investigators, crime scene technicians or some other, less common names and terms unique to their profession.


The job of a Crime Scene Investigator involves taking crime scene photographs and collecting and preserving any physical evidence. When collecting evidence, CSI agents need to make sure that the process goes completely clean, so as to avoid any contamination. They also have to make sure to meticulously document all their work. The evidence that a CSI agent can gather includes: hair, fibers, organic material and body fluids alongside trace evidence. A CSI agent can also be tasked with examining blood splatters or patterns, in order to determine the nature of the crime and the exact cause of the blood loss. The locations that may become crime scenes involve public buildings, cars, family homes and houses, wooded areas or pretty much any location where collectible evidence can be found.

Before they actually assume the role of CSI agents, the applicants need to go through the necessary training. A large number of current CSI agents are former police officers and/or current members of the police force or some other law enforcement agencies. However, there are also a number of civilian positions in this field of work. Each and every US police department has its own training and educational requirements for this line of work. If you wish to become a CSI agent, there are a  number of steps you should familiarize yourself with. First of all, you need to know exactly what this job entails. You need to know what you are applying for. Look for the employment pages and read through the work summaries listed there. This way, you can easily familiarize yourself with the details and the responsibilities  of this profession and the requirements you will have to meet. It is also highly recommended that you get in touch with various law enforcement agencies in the vicinity of your geographical location, as soon as possible, in order to find out about the job openings they are offering and the frequency of those openings. Next, make sure to prepare your application. There are some CSI positions that require at least a 4 year degree course in science. However, the majority of agencies require at a High School degree.  The positions that require a science degree, usually in Biology or Chemistry, are the ones that include crime lab work.

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