Why Is Colorbond Roofing Better Than Tiles?

In Australia, two common types of roofing models are adopted. It’s either the traditional concrete tiles or the modern colorbond sheets. You will also be forced to select one between the two if you are undertaking a roofing project. To many, picking the two will be a matter of taste and preference. However, understanding in depth the functionality and appearance effects of both roofing types will help you pick the best type. The traditional tiles seem to be boring and full of disadvantages. People are considering the colorbond sheets more than the tiles. Here are the reasons why.


Better aesthetics

These days, it’s not just about building homes. How the homes look after building them is a consideration as well. You want your home to look the best in your region or to attract neighbors from afar. The traditional tiles is not likely to spark a discussion over your roof. That’s because people have seen the same thing for years elsewhere. The modern colorbond sheets come in a variety of options with regard to aesthetics. The colors are in a spectrum for clients to pick their best. The sheet profiles can also adopt different styles. In fact, if you need a traditional tile outlook, you can have it done by the colorbond sheets. The clan lines, modern look and the crisp makes these sheets satisfy the need for décor in many homeowners.


One of the outstanding disadvantage of the traditional tiles is the heavy nature. Concrete is not a lightweight material. The implication is that the roof framework has to be bulky as well to support to super weight to be laid on it. Modern construction is shifting towards more of lightweight material where the traditional tiles have no place. The sheets will also not absorb water the same way the tiles do.


Resilience, corrosion resistant and thermal insulation

Colorbond roofing can guarantee all these properties. When the tiles are subjected to shock, they break and they are done. The sheets can be knocked back to position. The fact that these sheets are made of metal don’t make them vulnerable to corrosion. They are amalgamated and zinc coated to ensure optimal corrosion resistance. Some will be prepared for the same reasons. Thermal insulation is also guaranteed. Don’t wait or hesitate to ask for a colorbond roofing quote when you are to carry out a roofing project.

Cheap maintenance costs

Installing the colorbond sheets can be considered expensive when compared to the traditional tiles. However, the two are set apart when you look at it from the angle of maintenance. Installing the sheets will mean very minimal maintenance unlike when its tiles. Tiles will keep on breaking and leaking necessitating repairs every now and then. Sheets are also durable and can be repainted in case the color fades away.

Other benefits that keep the colorbond roofing better include noise abetment and flexibility of use in different houses.


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