The Power of The Pinstripe – Muscle Car Decals Are Back!

If you would of asked me 15 years ago if I ever thought the art of the pinstripe would come back in style I would of told you there’s no possible way. Automobile manufacturers were too concerned with make a safer car while consumers flocked towards the round body modern cars built more out of plastic than steel.

Since then there has been a transition in the industry that no one can quite pinpoint the root cause. Some experts will say that it’s due to the price of oil or that just like all things, the style that’s “in” is cyclical and is bound to comeback around eventually.

Welcome Back Horsepower Enthusiasts

We’ve transitioned back into the age of muscle, when cars were tested not by safety or security but on pure horsepower. With the re-launch of Camaro & Challenger models the industry has seen an incredible rush of enthusiasts new and old.

We spoke with Sam, an expert in pin-striping and car graphics to get his take on the new wave of raving fans.

“For me it’s been a blessing, with the increased popularity I was able to not only grow my local business but also launch a product line that is tailored perfectly to the muscle car enthusiast.”

Sam runs an online business sells pre-made pin-striping kits to fit all makes and models of the most popular cars on the market today. You can find out more at or visit their Streetgrafx Facebook page.

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